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"What shall it profit a man if he gains the world and looses or forfeits himself, his soul? …I say unto you truthfully, there are some of those standing here who shall not taste death until they see the kingdom."

I believe this passage of Scripture found in the Bible has been the most misunderstood and most traditionally used to denote a so-called rapture.  The ‘Transfiguration’ is a crucial teaching to designate the time where upon the "Second Advent" many Christians believe that they would be whisked away to meet Jesus in the air, going to Heaven leaving all the bad people behind.

We are going to ’flip the script’ prophetically with these words.  I do not know what others are teaching and it is not for me to say if they are right or wrong. My concern is that what I receive and what I hear, that I rightly divide and release untainted Word and Truth as given to me at my level of understanding at the time.  I do know this, that any True Sons or Prophet or Apostle will teach this same prophetic Truth according to their personality that fits into their Metron or area of expertise.  I would be willing to say that if they are not then run!  

The True Prophets and Apostles--the Enlightened ones will have and teach the Testimony as "Christ" having a keen insight of the use of Divine Law!  Truth is Law!  For you Christians who reject the so-called Old Testament, insisting that we are no longer under the Law but Grace, might as well discard the entire Bible, Scriptures and all other writings of antiquity of historical significance and get a collection of comic books.  Not picking on Christians, however, Christians are the only religion that I know of who rejects portions of Divine Law and are truly at a loss as to what the Law is.

Many of us do not employ the principles of learning when studying Scriptures.  We cannot force our own theories upon truth or revelation.  Therefore, there are certain principles we must use in addition to taping into Spirit that we may receive true revelation.  There is no prophecy of Scripture that warrants private interpretation.  

Therefore, one must know who is speaking, who they are speaking to and why, in addition to the prophetic euphemism and symbolic prose the words were written.  Was the phrase written prophetically, symbolically, poetically, or literally?  Was it a Hebrew idiom or a Greek transliteration from a Latin translation from the LLX?  Without a doubt the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics neither Sumerian writings, the origin of an untainted source of knowledge must not be overlooked.

Keeping these values in mind, with no preconceived judgments and certainly without attempting to integrate that you already think that you know into Truth (whether it is or not) as one study will cause one to be pliable to the promptings and leading of Spirit.  Truth will reveal Herself to those who chose to receive!  Spirit is Truth and wants to bring us all into it.  One worships in Spirit and Truth.  Without Truth, our spirit cannot touch Divine Spirit, therefore our spirit and soul remains disconnected and disjointed with the Whole!  In order to ‘overcome’ we must be whole and connected to the Whole.

The word used here to denote death is the Greek ‘thanatos’, which could mean to die literally or figuratively.  In other words, it has a symbolic revelatory interpretation as well as a literal one. I submit that the message was a two-fold message with a two-fold revelation.  It was a two-fold message for that era and it is a two-fold message for us today. 

The message was rendered just prior to the Transfiguration.  The death reference was a dying to ones ego and their fleshly mindset.  “There are some standing here who shall not taste death until they see the kingdom”.  This was an allusion to obedience in adhering to the Truth which is unmistakably talking about the Christ having been transfigured into that heavenly realm right before their eyes. “Until they see the kingdom”. 

The usage of the word kingdom comes from the root word ‘basileus’ which is interpreted as ‘through the notion of a foundation of power’.  Perhaps it may be obvious that what was actually said was this:    That there would be some there in ear-shot of the message that would reject what they heard. Just like ‘doubting Thomas’ and Peter did not believe until they ‘saw’ with their own eyes.            

Some, even after hearing Truth, reject it.  Many  reading this may reject it and that’s fine.  My job is to present it then my obligation is done. 

Christ was saying there would be some who would not die to their own self-will, mind and emotions or to the ways of the old unregenerate man until they had seen the prophetic fulfillment of the Way into the Kingdom, which is through one's spiritual mind. That they would even reject the ‘Foundation of Power’ given and allotted to bring them into those Christ Principles that they too would ascend into the spiritual realms of their heaven now! 

No flesh and bone will inherit the kingdom nor will flesh enter into heaven!  It is spiritual!  For us today, it would denote a spiritual symbolic and prophetic connotation. According to the above Scripture,   one will not experience or enter into the kingdom until they have relented to their own unregenerate will accept and walk in Truth—Truths that will propel them into the Kingdom of Heaven.  

It is on the foundations of the prophets and apostles or the Enlightened one's who are the foundation of power who has been elected to present Truth.  This is in order to release Truth to bring all into the knowledge of Heavenly Citizenship, right here, right now!

Therefore, we should move forward to achieve the goal set for us. Leave the elementary teachings of continually thinking one must repent from dead works. Move on from that basic faith thinking that one needs to be "saved" over and over again. Move on past the mindset from that of being on a continual rollercoaster begging for forgiveness for some unforeseen error insinuating that ‘crucifixion of flesh’ lost its power.  Move on to maturity or Teleios press forward past the rudiments about washings, laying on of hands, pushing people over backwards, seeking signs, miracles and wonders, arguing about a name,  resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment and playing church into Life eternal!  

These fundamentals, of which if one has undergone the process of renewal and restoration, they should have received enlightenment to press forward and be drawn into higher spiritual realms. The process is like the song, “every round goes higher higher since I laid my burdens down”.  What a shame for anyone to go through life getting to the end of it only to realize that there was more!

In the series of revelatory messages Mystery of the Resurrection, it was revealed that there are two resurrections and two deaths.  The first death occurs once a believer has accepted redemption and has ‘died’ to their  self-will, mind and emotions (unregenerate beastly nature) walking the Highway of humility toward putting on the Mind of a Christ!  These have been Resurrected into Life!  The only way to be resurrected into life one must have died.  Blessed and holy is the one who has a part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no power but they will be priest and reign in the kingdom.

This symbolic First Death is what we are dealing with in this message.  The First Death is to die to ones self-will, mind and emotions; that beastly character that overpowers the god within.  

Another way to express the First Death is to say one takes up their cross and follow the perfect example given to them by the Christ.  Whatever way it’s said, it is by  having experienced the First Death, tapping into Divine Spirit that one can be resurrected into newness of life to enter into Heavenly Citizen in the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of G-D and the Kingdom of Heaven are synonymous.   Therefore, please do not get hung up on semantics.  This is why we put on the Mind of a Christ to receive spiritual revelation and communion with the Divine Creator.  For G-D is Spirit and they that worship must worship in Spirit and Truth!   This is how one will know Divine Mind.  This is where the anointing is, for all of you who are seeking for it.  The anointing is actually something that one does not have to seek for.  The anointing is within every man, woman, boy and girl.  This is where the power is.  The power comes from knowing what is lawful and what is not; what is detrimental to one's growth and ascension.  In other words, power is knowledge of Divine Law.  Power is in learning to invoke Law to work on our behalf.

In many languages, the word for heaven is the same word used for sky. The English word for heaven is derived from the Old English word 'heofon'. It was not until 1000 in the Common Era that ’heofon’ was used in reference to the place where the Creator dwells.  This term was coined by Christians as ‘Heaven’ as it became some faraway place one goes after they live a life of torment and woes, in hell here on earth, then die and go to a Paradise or another hell.   

However, the Creator called ‘heofon’ a firmament.   Therefore, the question arises, if G-D is in a place called ‘Heaven’, where was He when His Words proclaimed, “Let there be a firmament”?

Know that heaven, or hell for that matter, is a state of conscious existence within the mind of men.  We all have been given a choice to dwell in heaven or hell—to live as   a Christ or antichrist!  Heaven is not some faraway place! 

There is no authority in the Bible that states that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place one goes when they die or that Heaven is located in some distant atmospheric realm. Man’s body is the earthly side of an inner heaven or a mental realm.  When one has put on the Mind of a Christ, they become united as a ‘new man’ and perfect as a Christ in a holy place or temple or body.  

Heaven suggests a place where all sorrows disappear in the Light of the Spirit, abundance, prosperity and joyous life. Heaven is a spiritual realm with a multiplicity of spiritual levels and dominions.

The beauty of choice is that   one can choose to advance the spiritual or heavenly levels, while in earthly form or one may chose to experience the cause and effect of their reactions to Divine Law dwelling in a negative existence or the lower levels or flows of Spirit. Whichever the case, Divine Law prevails—whatsoever a man thinks within his heart, so is he!  

Therefore, one either chooses to do good, positive; love themselves and  others  or, accept the consequences which comes about by erroneously and negatively  implementing Divine Law from an unregenerate beastly mind-set. That’s would be Hell! 

Merely because one does not understand the workings of the Principles of Divine Law this does not mean that they do not work.  Just because someone does not know there is a Divine Law that governs every aspect of our life and all of Creation, does not mean that the Law does not exist!

Hell is also a spiritual consciousness.  Hell was translated from Sheol and Hades both meaning the ‘grave’ or abode of the dead.  One can take a literal or figurative interpretation. However, if one is not alive and living life in Life, they are spiritually dead! 

The words hell and Hades implies outer darkness and a place of unquenchable desires living a life contrary to the plan proposed for one’s life. Therefore, one does not have to die to go to that place called hell!  Many are living there and are unaware of it. 

The word hell is from the Old English Saxon verb ‘helan’, which means to cover or conceal.  What is being covered or concealed?  TRUTH!--the Realities of Living! Truth to the Mysteries of living a life of abundance in the Kingdom of Heaven and the Mysteries of Christhood!

The Highway to live within that heavenly state of existence was inaugurated and proclaimed by the "Sun of Righteousness" just as it will be proclaimed and is being proclaimed by the Sons or the Enlightened ones NOW!

Matthew says, “In those days came John the Baptist…saying, ‘Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand’.”   Mark says, after John had been taken into custody, Christ went into Galilee preaching the Gospel saying, “The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom is at hand; repent and believe.”   What was one to be sorrowful for and to institute a change in their condition or repent from?   One was to repent from that old beastly nature in order to receive their Christ mind having a belief in a life eternal in heaven NOW!  The Kingdom of heaven is at hand!  It is within reach!  It is there for all who would believe accept and walk into it.

The term ‘at hand’ means that something is accessible, achievable, available, immanent, about to happen or the time is near and approaching.  Fulfill means to imbue, to carry out a promise or a prophecy, to attain or to actualize--reality.  

The Christ Principles are the fulfillment of our access to walk into the Kingdom as Christ’s!  You mean to tell me that the Way into the Kingdom was made secure and the kingdom has been near to each of us and we cannot believe enough to take that step of faith and walk into it?

There is a difference in ‘Heaven’, ‘Paradise’ and the ‘New Jerusalem’. These are spiritual realms, dimensions and dominions. However, no flesh can enter into either. No beastly or unregenerate mind-set will enter into either. No impure person will enter into the Kingdom. Those who do not meet the qualifications of entering into and residing in Heaven will dwell with the masses in the hell they have created for themselves.

Heaven is a preparatory place for the holy and just who lives in obedience to the Divine Law according to their Life Purpose.  Those who reside in Heaven have died, been resurrected and are being restored back into that perfect Image walking as a Christ into Divine Union transcending spiritual realms.  
This is our greatest earthly attainment and fulfillment.  The Ultimate fulfillment and manifestation of mankind is a transfiguration, in preparation to that which is yet to come—that is a Glorified Body.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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